Translation Cost Optimization Strategy For Least Resources



Each project is a fine art of juggling. You have three balls in the air: the time, the resources, and the cost. While your management wants it all: the quickest and the cheapest with the least amount of resources. However, it is not always possible and you have to prioritize. If the cost is an issue and you still cannot completely ignore the other two, then you have to become creative.

The translation and localization industry is mature and there are tools and methodologies that introduce efficiencies. But as with any other trade, you also need a skilled team that knows how to use them, even though we unquestionably admit that using the localization tools is not as complex as developing a 0.13-micron manufacturing process on a 300 mm diameter wafer.

Our engineering consultants and project managers have been trained to evaluate your project, recognize the constraints, and assess the risks. They will then apply the right mix of methodologies and tools, spice it up with the right amount of creativity to minimize your current translation cost and set you up for efficient updates going forward.


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