STT complies with US and EU legislation on privacy. We therefore apply the following policy.

What information do we collect and what do we do with it?

We collect information such as persons’ names, email addresses, telephone numbers, company names and individuals’ titles/responsibilities within their companies etc. We do not collect any sensitive information.

We may use your information to contact you to respond to your request, to solicit STT's business, to ask you about your opinion. We may also use this information if we find it necessary to further conduct business smoothly and efficiently.

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What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are small nuggets of information that a web server places onto your hard drive via your Internet browser. This information is retrieved by the web server while you are visiting a website for the purposes of improving and personalizing your browsing experience.

We may use cookies to improve and/or personalize your browsing experience while visiting our website.

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Do we collect any sensitive information about individuals?

We do not collect any sensitive information about individuals, such as racial/ethnic origin, political inclination etc…

We have no reason to collect such information about you for the purposes of our business.

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How do individuals access their own information?

Since we collect information about you and/or your company, you have the right to access, correct or block it. Contact us and request to have all information that we have collected about you sent to you.

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Do we forward your information onto third parties?

We do not forward your information to third parties unless the projects we conduct for you require us to do so. For example, we use an extended network of translators, DTP specialists and occasionally engineers, who act as our subcontractors. It is sometimes necessary to provide them with your information to assure smooth and meaningful production.

We carefully choose our subcontractors and vendors and deal only with reputable agencies and/or individuals. We sign non-disclosure agreements with these parties and periodically reevaluate their status as certified vendors or subcontractors.

If you wish that we do not forward your information onto third parties even in the context of the project we conduct for you, contact us.

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What are non-disclosure agreements?

Prior to the start of any project with our clients or subcontractors, we sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). These agreements call for honesty and integrity from both parties not to reveal any confidential information to third parties. As a reputable company, we respect the implications a release of unauthorized information could have on either one’s privacy or business’ competitive advantage. Therefore, not only do we expect of those who do business with us to respect our proprietary information, but also, we very strictly abide by the rules of NDA to protect other parties’ interests.

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How secure is your information?

You can rest assured that your information is secure because:

  • We host both our website and our online portal EzBIS on the most secure version of Windows 2003,
  • We require strong authentication and encryption to secure passwords and personal data storage,
  • We transmit all sensitive data over SSL,
  • We protect the data by firewalls (servers in DMZ),
  • We use the latest version of anti-virus software available,
  • We deploy critical security patches as soon as they are available from publishers,
  • We follow a very strong data maintenance plan (on site/off site daily backups),
  • We use custom hardware and software monitoring.

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Contact us…

If you have inquiries or complaints about our privacy policy, you may contact us.

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STT reserves the right to change this policy.

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