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Companies that have multiple multilingual translation and localization projects find it efficient to fund a position of a full-time project manager. However, in many organizations this is not the case and the role of the translation project manager (or the localization project manager) is entrusted to one of the employees whose primary focus is on something else: technical writers, webmasters, software developers, release program managers, marketing managers just to name a very few. 


It is therefore important to have the right tools that will help you organize your work and put you in control.


There is much more to translation project management than just sending the files to your translation/localization vendor. Translation project management involves analyzing the project, evaluating its cost and projected turnaround time, synchronizing your vendor's activities with those of your team, providing support, handling the financial aspects, answering queries...


In order to keep track of all of the activities and files that are being exchanged it is extremely useful to have a central repository of all project-related information and documents as well as to have a structured way of exchanging information. This is usually done through online translation project management portals.


Be in control. Contact us and request a demo of our online translation management portal.

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