Finding the right Language Translators  




A degree in translation is simply not enough.


While translation is usually charged per word, it certainly is not a job of simply translating a whole bunch of words. Translation is the process of transformation of the meaning of a written text from one language to another. While a person can understand the individual words, it does not necessarily mean he or she understands the meaning of the entire sentence that these words form.


Semiconductor industry uses its own technical language. You expect your technical writers to understand the subject matter in order to accurately convey your product's specific information to the user, so why would you expect anything less from the translator?


Demand only the best. Your translator should be:


  • A professional language translator
  • A native speaker of the target language 
  • A professional with ample experience from the semiconductor industry

Meet professional translators by viewing this one-and-half-minute video or contact us.

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