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Your knowledge and experience have been critical to the success of several recent product releases. Your team’s creativity, tools, processes and engineering skills effectively decreased our cost and allowed us to better focus our development team on our core business. We will continue to consider you as key partner in our effort to deliver quality software products that best meet our global customers' needs.


VP, Engineering

Software and hardware development company

Gloucester, Massachusetts 




You know how to develop software; we know how to localize it. You are at home in the semiconductor industry; our translators speak the semiconductor industry language. (It’s true! If you ask them about an elevated drain or intrinsic Fermi level they know what you are talking about!) Benefit from their skills and from our engineers' more-than-15-years experience localizing various software applications:


  • .NET Windows forms
  • Win32 resources (text and binary files)
  • Message files
  • Java properties
  • Web applications

Do not fall into localization traps (and there are many!). Let us guide you throughout the entire process. Let us help you answer questions such as:


  • Is the software application ready for translation? 
  • How do I verify that the internationalization effort was done right? 
  • Do I need to export the strings or can I leave them as they are? 
  • What files will the translators need and in what format? 
  • How do I assure that the strings will be translated within context? 
  • How do I time and price the entire effort? 
  • Can I easily update the translations from version to version? 
  • How about last minute UI changes and bug fixes? 
  • Who compiles the translated software and how? 
  • How about testing? Can it be done remotely or in our lab? 
  • And many others...

Contact our qualified team to evaluate your project and provide a price quote. Whether you require just a simple string file translation or a full localization service including engineering, translation, and testing, our team will deliver just what you need. 

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