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Your product catalog is a complex database of numeric and text-based fields with hundreds of tables and thousands of entries. It contains product names, descriptions, specifications, datasheets, product short codes, prices etc... Some of these fields need to be translated into multiple languages, the number formats and currencies need to follow foreign conventions and some fields need to stay in the native language. The database grows overtime and changes frequently. No wonder you may have a bunch of "HOW DO I" questions:


  • How do I estimate the translation cost?
  • How do I estimate the turnaround time?
  • How do I identify those fields that need to be translated?
  • How do I change the numbers to appear according to foreign conventions? And the units, currencies, etc...?
  • How do I export and import the content to translate?
  • How do I identify new and changed content?
  • How do I maintain the translated databases and efficiently translate the updates?

If you are asking these questions and you don't know where to start, contact us.


Benefit from our proven database translation methodology and specific database filtering and translation tools. Our professional localization engineering team will analyze your database and will answer the above questions. We can help you: 


  • Estimate the cost and turnaround time
  • Identify content that needs to be translated and adopt the most appropriate method of data import and export
  • Professionally translate the content and store it in a translation memory for future re-use
  • Automate the process of periodic updates

Contact our qualified team to evaluate your project, advise you on the best practices in translation and localization, and provide you with a price quote.




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